Exhibition 2019

The symposium organized in 2018 brought together over one hundred participants interested in the history of tree avenues during and after World War I. We decided to develop the symposium into an exhibition, for the benefit of all.

The exhibition comprises 14 panels which set this specific sequence of the history of  tree avenues into a broader context, spanning from Italian Renaissance gardens to present-day promotion and plantings.

1B Champs sur Marne IMG 9592R

(c) C.Pradines

With the first series, “In the beginning was the garden”, “Tree avenues extend beyond the garden”, “Trees line the roads”, “Showcasing the landscape”, “Avenues at the outbreak of World War I”, we move from André Mollet’s “Pleasure Garden” to the famous plane trees along the Canal du Midi, and have a look at the Spanish “alamedas”, Price’s “Essay on the Picturesque” or Napoléon’s decrees and much more.

7A Treenet Corinddhap sign VICR


The second series, “Tree avenues and the Great War”, “A soldier, a tree, a plaque”, “Private monuments in public spaces”, “Memorials to the dead, planted for the living”, “Just a tree, more than a tree”, “Avenues, creating bonds”, immerses us in WWI and post-war landscapes: the French treelined roads that impressed the soldiers from the British Empire, and the avenues planted to honour them.

“Avenues in turmoil”, "500 years of history for contemporary issues”, “Commitments to the future” show the difficulties to preserve this asset, even when it is sacred, but also the strong support from society: avenues enhance the landscape and offer precious services for both people and the environment.

 3C CZ IMG 1083 dR

 (c) C.Pradines