Observatory 2023


On July 15th and 16th, 2023, for the 4th season of the Artistic Observatory of the Trampot avenue (Vosges), we welcomed once again the artist Constance Fulda. She continued her patient rubbings of the ash trees in the Trampot avenue - 157 have already been made, representing an art piece of nearly 80 m in length. Ultimately, it will exceed 100 m! With heir paint roller and her Japanese washi paper, both extremely thin and strong, Constance reveals the trees' unique and fascinating calligraphy of their bark. Magic happens - even an attentive gaze would be unable to anticipate the image.

We also welcomed the storyteller and musician Julie Ory. Where Constance Fulda reveals the written expression of the trees, Julie Ory makes us open our hearts to listen to their language. The audience was captivated by the tales which she complemented with cello pieces.