Comic strip

In November 2018, we invited Mathieu Flammarion to follow the international symposium we had been organizing. Mathieu Flammarion is an author and illustrator, a graduate from Institut Saint-Luc Art school in Brussels. He produces comics and illustrative works but also paintings which have been exhibited in Paris, Berlin and New-York. We had asked him to be with us at the symposium so as to find the matter of his story, but also to experience the atmosphere and meet with the participants.

Mathieu is actually working on a graphic novel inspired by the felling, in 2013, of part of the memorial avenue of Montafia (Italy), by the project of the Vimy Oaks Legacy, which repatriated oak saplings from Canada to their original territory of Vimy Ridge, and by the Australian avenues of honour. It will deliver this history to a new audience. A kind of “making of” supplement will round it off and present the symposium in itself as well as Mathieu’s work.

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(c) M.Flammarion